New to natural

After using traditional deodorants and antiperspirants your body will go through a detox period once you stop. This is completely normal and healthy.

Let the underarms

When pore clogging products are no longer being used, your underarms will need time to breathe and clear out what has been trapped inside.

Detox phases
can very

Everyone’s detox phase is different and can last for varying amounts of time.

Encourage your body to sweat to help expel toxins quicker.

Take a break from deodorant entirely when possible.


Once your body has adjusted you’ll be able to experience the full benefits ofour natural formulas:

Odor Reduction
No Skin Irritation
No Clogged Pores

Our ingredients

We use ingredients that both sooth the skin, fight odor, and deliver beautiful delicate natural scents.

Garden sage

Featured in sea sage

Wild rose

Featured in garden rose


Featured in vanilla clementine


Smell great without the bad

We make our deodorants without:


ALUMINUM, because of its links to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s.


PARABENS, because they link to hormone disruption.


PHTHALATES, because their link to more diseases than we have room to list.


SULFATES, because they are known to irritate skin or be contaminated with carcinogenics.

Breaking sweat

Water + Salt + Bacteria = Odor

Our bodies emit water and salt when we sweat. Once this salty water is introduced to the bacteria living on your skin, odor is produced. Once bacteria is removed from the equation, the odor will leave with it.

Deodorant vs. Antiperspirant

Deodorants target odor, while antiperspirants target wetness. In an ideal world, we could do both in a safe way, but the reality is that antiperspirant products often contain Aluminum, which we don’t believe is healthy for your body. Aluminum blocks pores that release sweat, a natural process the body needs to expel toxins and regulate body temperature.

This is why we make deodorants, not antipirspirants.


Eliminate odor at the source

We use Arrowroot Powder to target underarm bacteria, which is what causes odor when mixed with sweat.