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Our Story

At Texas Beauty Labs, Mary Berry (left) and Angela Ubias (center) created the best-selling natural deodorant on the internet... for someone else. When that brand was sold, they were determined that the next time would be different. So they took the next (ahem) natural step.

But how did they get here in the first place?

In 2003, Mary started making sugar scrubs in a small upstairs room at her home in Pflugerville, Texas, with ingredients she bought at Whole Foods and a formula she found in Real Simple magazine. She brought it into work, and her colleagues’ reaction was unanimous: This is amazing, what else do you make?

So she started experimenting with essential oils and lip balm, all made with natural ingredients. Soon, she quit her day job and built her handmade products into a business—by then, called b.pure—carried at more than 300 stores nationwide, and featured in magazines from Seventeen to Lucky.

And somehow, while building out that business, she began working on another one: Crafting and supplying all-natural scented products to all types of vendors, from candles to deodorants. In 2007, she formalized this business as Texas Beauty Labs, again starting from the ground up, bootstrapping all the way. (To this day, the company doesn’t even have a credit card.)

Angela joined the team in 2013, providing a critical boost that saw the company growing by leaps and bounds. One of their clients became the best-selling natural deodorant online, and Texas Beauty Labs was fulfilling thousands of orders per week.

Just down the road in Austin, in 2016, Cynthia Korman (right) and the crew at PHLUR was launching its award-winning line of clean fragrances. Since then, they’ve launched two new fragrances, plus candles and body care products—many of which can be found in discerning retail stores around the country (including Sephora, where the brand was part of the innovative retailer’s groundbreaking Clean at Sephora program).

Eventually, the trio discovered how much they have in common. They love smelling amazing. They love using only the best ingredients. They love leaving out all the b.s. (bad stuff). So they decided to create our own line of all-natural, 100% aluminum-free deodorants together. And this time they’re all in on the action together—and have somehow made an even better product.

It’s called Explore Naturals, and it just launched online at Amazon, an online retailer you might be familiar with. There, you can (cough) explore the full range of superbly scented deodorants. They don’t just smell good—they are seriously the most effective natural deodorant anyone on our team has ever used. (We tested it in summer. In Texas. Trust us: It works.)